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Free Tennis Psychology mental training tips for tournament players

Free Mind Training for Tennis Tips!

I provide regular FREE tips on mental training for tennis - which will show you how to overcome nerves, get into 'the zone' more often, win more matches, beat better players, etc!

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Mind Training for Tennis
"Whatever the Mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve". Napoleon Hill

mental training for tennismental training for tennismental training for tennis

Free Mental Training Tennis Tips!

Do you ever lose to lesser players in tournaments?

Do your confidence, consistency or concentration disappear during matches?

Do you play great in practice, but play badly against highly seeded players?

Or are you just looking to improve and move to the next level?

No problem! Most players experience all of these things - and the good news is they are all easily taken care of by mental training.

Mental toughness is one of the main weapons behind the success of champions - who often do not lead the year-end stats in aces or winners, yet they still find a way to win most of their matches.

tennis player

The main reason why mental training works in tennis is because your mind controls your body - not the other way around, and so most problems in tennis are simply due to the mind being untrained to perform correctly.

Self-sabotage is a common problem, as the pressure of competition often brings out problems which often do not exist in practice.

Your mind either works for you, or against you, just depending upon how you've "programmed" it to perform.

Any player can dramatically improve their tournament results through using mental training.

Consistency, belief and confidence are all best achieved through a regular mental training program, which only takes about 10 minutes. Here are some of the benefits of mental training:

mental training for tennis Common Tennis Problems Which Can Be Overcome With Mental Training

Do you experience any of these?

  • Extreme nerves during matches / lack of belief in yourself

  • Playing great in practice, but lousy in tournament matches or competition

  • Practicing hard but getting no payback

  • Injuries or illnesses occurring just before tournament matches

  • Anger problems, racquet smashing, tanking matches etc.

  • Slumps in form

  • Regularly recurring problems on the court

  • Concentration and technical problems

  • Doubts, fears, worries and anxiety, worrying about what others think

  • Inconsistency in matches

  • Overly worrying about the "uncontrollables" such as which opponent you will be drawn to play.
mental training for tennis Classic Signs Of Mental Training
  • Improving your results without practicing any harder

  • Overcoming extreme nervousness

  • A deep inner belief in yourself and your abilities

  • Less anger and more controlled approach on the court

  • Not worrying about future opponents as much

  • Longer and more focused concentration

  • Playing in the zone - on cruise control (read on for an explanation of this)

  • A calm, clear and focused mind

  • Consistent performances in competitions

  • Vibrant health during tournaments, overcoming injuries quicker, and a positive outlook on life

  • Sleeping well the night before a big match

mental training for tennis
Why do the very best players win when they rarely lead the stats in aces etc?

Mental toughness is the answer.  For instance, there was a time when Federer lost a lot of matches to lesser players, but in 2002 Roger made the decision that he needed to be mentally tougher in his matches and hang in there longer, which made all the difference - and he became the premier player for many years, until Nadal built up the belief that he could win all all surfaces, not just clay. 

Nadal won his grand slams from sheer dogged determination and mental strength, mixed with his fabulous relentless groundstrokes, and won against Federer when no-one else could - by simply refusing to mental fold the way most players have done when they walked on court against Federer between 2002 till 2008.

And now, Novak Djokovic, after sitting at number 3 for many years, finally developed the inner belief to break the Federer / Nadal monopoly, and now looks ready to take the game to a new level and reign for the next tennis generation, with Andy Murray challenging, and other players on the way up.

Mental strength is the main edge these players have over the others, even though they do not always rate in the yearly stats where other players may serve more aces, hit more winners etc.

It's the mental strength which give the top players that vital 'X factor' that ensure they shake hands as the winner most of the time.

mental training for tennis Find Your Mental Tennis 'Zone'

mental training for tennisMental training can help you overcome most problems and reach the absolute peak of your capabilities.

The mental state known as 'the zone' produces these all-time best performances - where your entire game just seems to flow easily and effortlessly, and you feel you simply cannot do a thing wrong!

The Zone is brought about by learning to allow your powerful subconscious to do your hitting for you. Most players have no idea how to get into this mental state, and this gives you a secret weapon for you over your competitors!

So where is your mind currently directing your tennis? Your recent results in tournaments or competition will give you the answer every time.

Regardless, mental toughness can improve your results and get you into the winners circle more often.

mental training for tennis The Essential Component To Visualization

Among other mental training techniques I outline, 'visualization' is by far the best method I've seen for programming yourself for success on court (through the all-powerful subconscious mind, the key to all sporting success).

This is the simple act of regularly mentally imagining yourself playing the 'perfect tennis match', and this sets up a mental blueprint within the subconscious for your body to follow when you are on-court.

However, a common problem most players have with visualizing is because one of its essential ingredients is to be able to quieten your thoughts and relax your mind to a specific level.

This is crucial while you "run movies through your mind" of successful tennis. Very few people seem to be able to do this, because either:

  • their mind simply won't quieten down, or:

  • their relaxation goes too deep and they fall asleep, or:

  • they don't know exactly what to visualize, or for how long, etc).

These were (and still are) common problems for most players, however I have found an answer to these visualization problems.

mental training for tennis Tennis Visualization - Made Easy

As most people struggle to visualize correctly because they cannot relax properly, I created an mental training pack that takes care of all this for them.

The audio program guides you through the perfect level of relaxation and into the most effective tennis visualization experience.

Due to the powerful hypnotic suggestions placed on the recording (which can all be clearly heard), the relaxation and visualization skills eventually become an automatic reaction each time you begin listening to the recording.

The hypnotic recording then mentally guides you step-by-step through a guided tennis visualization, covering virtually every type of rally, match situation and all the strokes (and allowing you to easily tailor any scenes to exactly the way you wish to visualize them).

You are then returned back to the normal awakened state safely and easily, feeling great and all in around 20 minutes.

Even better, you have the ability to customize each mental training session to perfectly suit your next performance, tailored to your own needs and it increases in effectiveness the longer you use it.

Over the years, this visualization recording has brought about some amazing stories of incredible levels of improvement - to players from intermediate level right up to pro level.

Effective visualization is the answer to overcoming most player's problems, and the master key to reaching the next level of improvement.

The main reasons why the daily visualization recording has been so effective is due these essential aspects:

  • Automatic Relaxation - the visualization places you into an easy and automatic state of relaxation (perfect for visualization) which has a calming influence over your mindset.

  • Helps Overcome Extreme Pre-Competition Nerves - the relaxation and visualization build confidence and help to overcome extreme nervousness, and helps to let go of the need for frustration, temper or anger.

  • The Hypnosis/Visualization Recording Gets More Powerful With Each Day! - due to the hypnotic suggestions used, the recording has been designed to become stronger and more effective each time it is used!

  • It Helps to Mentally Release And Overcome Bad Past Performances - the program has shown to help players overcome and release 'traumatic' losses from the past, even those they had unconsciously fretted about for up to 4-5 years!

  • It Can Even Work While You're Asleep! - even if you go to sleep listening to the hypnotic visualization recording, you still receive the subliminal benefits from it! (Your subconscious is most open to suggestion when you are asleep or relaxed).

The benefits become more powerful each day you use it, and it provides you with a sense of confidence and control while you're out there on the court.  

Here's an account of a player who used the Mind Training for Tennis program:

"When I found Craig's site, I had to take a deep breath because all of the articles hit home. Actually, I almost broke down and cried! For example, I do great in practice but play badly against highly seeded players.

And sometimes my confidence, consistency and concentration would disappear, and I often struggled with what I could do to overcome these feelings that overwhelmed me time and time again.

Prior to purchasing the tennis visualization, my mental game was a train wreck. Whenever I was confronting a tough situation during a match, I found that negative thoughts and bad past experiences would surface and talk me right out of the point.

I'd get angry because I had no idea what to do. I had tried several other mental approaches and programs, and had a little success but I found them too vague and not lasting.

I found that using Craig's Mind Training for Tennis program daily changed all of this for me. While I am only in my third month of mental training, I've had unbelievable success, and I know there is no way I would have had the success I've had without it.

The daily exercise feeds positive thoughts, images and calmness to my subconscious on a daily basis, and over the course of time, I've been able to recognize and keep those negative thoughts at bay.

This was a HUGE step for me because now I can recognize the pressure and instead of getting all worked up and losing confidence, I now am much more calmer and think positively.

Mind Training for Tennis is a part of my daily life now - I simply can't go a day without it! The powerful images I visualize, relaxation and hypnotic suggestions are changing my outlook to handling tough tennis matches".
Tom Daria, USA

The tennis hypnosis and visualization recording is extremely easy to use, and takes as little as 20 minutes each day.

It becomes more powerful each day you use it - provides you with a sense of confidence and control while you're out there on the court.

tennis player

Extreme nervousness, negative thoughts, lack of belief, concentration problems - these problems seem to simply dissolve and fade away.  

The first step to begin the mental training is to begin using the visualization - which you can do immediately with the instant download.

The instant download is available for only $29.95 - the cost of a day's lunch! (or $7 more for the CD version, including postage all over the globe).

The true value is the continued benefits you will gain from regular mental training - it will stay with you forever.

* The visualization download now also comes with a FREE additional "Introduction to Mental Training" download (valued at $25) which explains how you can use the program most effectively, as well as various other mental techniques you can use to improve your tennis performance as well.


* A "Night-time Subliminal" (valued at $25) - go to sleep to the sound of relaxation music, while your subconscous absorbs the positive suggestions playing subliminally underneath the recording.

If we always do what we have always done, we will always continue to get the same result. Mental training brings about the transformation you are looking for - and quicker than you may think!

To order the instant download, simply click the button below for our secure server (or further below for Amex).

After your payment is securely processed, you will be given immediate download instructions on the website screen, with a direct link to the download. 

Your receipt will also arrive immediately by email.  If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with the product, simply contact us to arrange a full refund, absolutely no questions asked.


2. However, if you wish to order the CD version click here (does not include the night-time subliminal). I look forward to helping you improve your results, overcome your nervousness..... whatever your situation may be!  

All the best of success!


Craig Townsend, who runs Mind Training for TennisCraig Townsend, who runs Mind Training for Tennis
Craig Townsend

P.S. After your online order, your instructions will appear on the screen immediately, and your receipt will be sent to you by email - and remember, you have an unconditional 12 month moneyback guarantee on this product.

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